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Welcome to The Paper Gown

After years of waking up to inflamed red splotches covering my face, I found out I was allergic to fragrance. Finally, I had an explanation for my temperamental skin. I couldn’t wait to share my aha diagnosis with, well, anyone who’d pretend to care. But first, I wanted to understand what a fragrance-free life looked (and smelled) like.

When a doctor told me I had an extra, defunct muscle compressing my carpal tunnel and recommended surgery to fix my hand, I wondered if I should shop around for another opinion before going under the knife. But I wasn’t sure how, so under I went.

The first time I saw the terms “pre-authorization” and “pre-existing condition” in a letter from an insurance company, I felt overwhelmed by the jargon being used to justify the charges I couldn’t afford.

Everyone has patient experiences; those are a few of mine. Hi, I’m Theresa, editor of The Paper Gown.

As we all know, being a patient doesn’t begin or end in the exam room. At The Paper Gown, we’ll explore the process of getting sick and getting well, of preventing disease and living with it. We’ll report on treatment breakthroughs, trending procedures and quests for cures, and dive into HIPAA laws and patient bills of rights. We’ll tackle questions about enrolling in clinical trials and contesting medical bills. We’ll share hacks for sleeping in hospitals and pro-tips for managing chronic illness at work.

We’ll never pretend that insurance policies are simple, that all patients have equal access to healthcare or that there’s any one way to be a patient.

And we’ll always make it our priority to help patients feel informed, empowered and understood — one story at a time.

Thanks for visiting!

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