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Zocdoc Reports: Travel Travails

“Zocdoc Reports: Travel Travails” is a comprehensive data analysis of common travel ailment related appointment bookings from January-June 2021 to January-June 2022. At the height of summer travel season, we’re taking a look at how Americans are preparing for healthy, happy travels, as well as which common travel-related illnesses and injuries are on the rise.

The data shows that people are preparing for trips, now that “Revenge travel” is reality, with travel this season up 16% since last summer. With more people vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 than ever, and health concerns declining as a reason to put off traveling, Americans are making up for lost time, packing airports and setting sail to embark on trips that have been on hold for years.

Pre-trip preparations

While many people put off their routine health visits throughout the pandemic, upcoming travel is a catalyst for many to check in with a healthcare professional before setting off on a journey. From January-June 2021 to January-June 2022:

  • Travel vaccination appointments increased by 327%
  • Travel medication consultation appointments increased by 147%
  • Pre-travel consultation and checkup appointments increased by 60%

During this same timeframe, 73% of these pre-travel appointments were conducted in-person, as people become increasingly comfortable with, and even prefer, in-office care.  

Travel travails

Even with the best health and safety preparations, traveling comes with a unique set of risks, as people let their guard down and interact with unfamiliar environments and hazards. Between January-June 2021 and January-June 2022:


What Parents Should Look For in a Doctor

  • Sunburn and sun damaged skin appointments increased by 11%
  • Concussion appointments increased by 33%
  • Sprain-related appointments increased by 36%
  • Plantar fasciitis appointments increased by 40%
  • Foot and ankle fracture appointments increased by 22%
  • Arm and hand fracture appointments increased by 52%
  • Stomach pain appointments increased by 20%
  • Diarrhea appointments increased by 46%

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