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  1. Michelle

    This is so contradictory to women’s health – how can you suggest to women as a doctor that it’s safe and healthy to skip periods? By skipping periods for the reason of convenience is like telling women that our natural biology is inconvenient and that we are born with functions that we don’t need – from an evolutionary standpoint, this is so wrong. The menstrual cycle is a CYCLE, therefore, skipped periods are a sign of malfunction and a weakened reproductive system. Are you seriously suggesting that one of the perks of skipping periods is saving money on tampons?? That is so insulting – are you suggesting that we are broke and in a position to need to save some dollars every month that would make such a huge difference to our lives? That saving $15 a month is worth throwing a wrench into a perfectly good bodily system? This is so disappointing, and perfectly illustrates one of the many reasons why I don’t trust MD’s anymore.

    1. Janet

      1. There are body functions and organs even that are extraneous. Menstrual cycle helps increase the chance of a woman getting pregnant. If a woman doesn’t want to at a point in time there is no use in having a period.

      2. Missed periods on their own are a possible sign of malfunction in the body but if you are inducing it via birth control is not a health issue because it is artificial and not due to hormonal or other health issue.

      3. It’s good you are lucky enough to have the money and be able to make ends meet without worrying where the money is coming from. Over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck and now with Covid this is just getting worse so it is very applicable to many women in the US.

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