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All Sorts of Insurance Issues, Explained

Kelsey Tyler

“Straightforward,” “self-explanatory” and “headache-free” probably aren’t terms you’d associate with health insurance. From trying to figure out whether a doctor’s visit is covered to making sense of charges on a medical bill, dealing with insurance is often frustrating and almost always a little bit confusing.

In an attempt to clear some of the fog, here’s a list of Paper Gown explainers that break down issues related to coverage and costs:

  • Healthcare jargon gets confusing. Here’s a list of the terms you need to know.
  • This primer on surprise bills tells you how to prevent unexpected charges from landing on your next bill, and what to do if one shows up.
  • Medical bills are confusing and anxiety-provoking. We can all agree on this. Still, it’s important to read every single medical bill you get because so many of them contain errors. To get a better grasp of what’s on your bill, and what shouldn’t be on there, read this guide to reading your medical bill.
  • Over the past decade, the number of Americans with high-deductible insurance has skyrocketed. This beginner’s guide to deductibles can help you understand what kind of care is covered, and when you’ll have to foot the bill, with a deductible plan.
  • Explanation of Benefits forms, or EOBs, aren’t bills. So what are they, and why do you need to open them? All your burning EOB questions, explained here.
  • You have the right to get second opinions, but coverage for them varies. Here’s more info.
  • Most health plans have to cover preventive care at no cost to patients, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. So what counts as a preventive service? This guide breaks it down.
  • Why do ambulance trips cost so much? Are they ever covered by insurance? Sometimes.
  • What can you do if your insurance company refuses to pay for a treatment, procedure or other service that you think should be covered? You can appeal the claim denial. Here’s how.


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