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As we all know, being a patient doesn’t begin or end in the exam room. At The Paper Gown, we explore every step of the patient experience — getting sick and getting well, preventing disease and living with it. We never pretend that insurance policies are simple or that all patients have equal access to healthcare. And above all else, we strive to help patients feel informed, empowered and understood, one story at a time. 

The Paper Gown is powered by Zocdoc. 

What does “powered by Zocdoc” mean?

While The Paper Gown is published by Zocdoc, it doesn’t promote Zocdoc’s services or express views on the company’s behalf. Articles are written by a diverse group of journalists, as well as healthcare providers, researchers and patients. This editorial separation is intended to protect The Paper Gown from bias and preserve its ability to cover a broad set of topics and perspectives. As such, the views and opinions expressed on The Paper Gown are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Zocdoc, Inc.

If you want to book an appointment through Zocdoc or learn more about its services, head over to the main site or the company blog.

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